San Juanimal Dreams Woven Patch - Fox

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San Juanimal Dreams Woven Patch -  Fox

Woven Cloth badges are patches with a design woven into them. Also known as 'sew on' or 'iron on' badges or patches as they are usually attached in this manner.

  • Iron-on
  • Soft material- Not ridgid or stiff.
  • Heat-cut edge
  • Original artwork from the San Juan Mountains

About our San Juanimals Dreams Series

Artwork created in-house by Silver Lynx owner and operator, Scott Stalker.

San Juanimals are wild animals that call the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado their year-round home. Life there can be harsh and difficult at times for these creatures. However, the San Juan Mountains are a magical place and they can provide the San Jaunimals with times of abundance and tranquility. From these plentiful times and peaceful moments found within the hills, between the valleys, and on top of the mountain peaks of the San Juans, these animals create their happiest and most memorable dreams.

Iron-On Instructions:

  1. Set Iron to "Cotton" and pre-heat.
  2. Iron area where patch will be placed.
  3. Place your patch on garment, design face-up.
  4. Place cloth or a light towel over patch to guard against burning patch.
  5. Use iron with pressure and a circular motion over patch and cloth for 30 seconds.
  6. Turn garment inside-out and iron rear side of patch for 15 seconds.
  7. Let cool for 60 seconds.  If edge can be lifted, repeat step 6.
  • Sew or stitch patch for permanence guarantee.
  • Not for use on Nylon, Vinyl, or Leather.