Mt Abram Ouray Woven Patch

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Mt. Abram Ouray Woven Patch

Woven Cloth badges are patches with a design woven into them. Also known as 'sew on' or 'iron on' badges or patches as they are usually attached in this manner.

  • Iron-on
  • Soft material- Not rigid or stiff.
  • Overlocked Edge
  • Original artwork from the San Juan Mountains

Artwork designed right here at Silver Lynx in Ouray, Colorado by owner/artist Scott Stalker.

Iron-On Instructions:

  1. Set Iron to "Cotton" and pre-heat.
  2. Iron area where patch will be placed.
  3. Place your patch on garment, design face-up.
  4. Place cloth or a light towel over patch to guard against burning patch.
  5. Use iron with pressure and a circular motion over patch and cloth for 30 seconds.
  6. Turn garment inside-out and iron rear side of patch for 15 seconds.
  7. Let cool for 60 seconds.  If edge can be lifted, repeat step 6.
  • Sew or stitch patch for permanence guarantee.
  • Not for use on Nylon, Vinyl, or Leather.