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Our physical store is closed for the winter while we remodel and make new art. 

About Silver Lynx

Silver Lynx is a boutique gift store located in Ouray, Colorado. The store was founded in Lake City, Colorado in 2006, and we moved it to its current, larger space in May 2015. Silver Lynx is an independent, locally-owned family business.

Some of the questions we get:

What is the meaning of "Silver Lynx"?

Silver is a reference to the late-1800s hard-rock mining heritage of the San Juan Mountains (the "Silvery San Juan"). Lynx is homage to the shy native cat that was hunted to near-extinction in Colorado-- and later re-introduced to these very mountains.  

Silver Lynx is also a play on words, related to our jewelry offerings, or "silver links."

Find out more about Colorado's lynx re-introduction:

What is a Lynx?

See our page, What is a Lynx?

Do you live here?  Will you be open in the winter?  What do you do all winter?

Yes, we live here. Yes, we are open year round, though we have shorter hours during the winter. When not in the store, we hunt for cute bunnies and tidbit rodents. Silver Lynx must eat.  (Just kidding.  We prefer pizza).

Do you get snowed in during winter?   Do the roads close?

We can only wish to be snowed in, but alas, this has not happened to us in the 20 years we've lived in Colorado.  One of us has a snow shoveling compulsion so being snowed inside the house or store is unthinkable. In the unlikely event that this does occur, remember that we are lynx. We can travel right on top of the snow.

Highway 550, the Million Dollar Highway, south of Ouray is sometimes closed for avalanche mitigation during the winter.